How exactly this works?

1. Enter terms for a file you are looking for into the search box.

2. Then you will be presented wilt a list of files for your desired term. Look for files that can be downloaded directly from FilesDeck. You can see file host next to file name. If we dont have file on our servers, choose any other download place from the list.

3. Copy the link of filehosting server and download your file.

About FilesDeck

FilesDeck is a search engine designed to search files in various file sharing and uploading sites. We are Successor/alternative or replacerment (call it whatever you like) for previously most popular file search engine - FilesTube.
As an file sharing search engine FilesDeck finds files matching your search criteria among the files that has been seen recently in uploading sites by our search spider. This information is accumulated in a database. When you execute a FilesDeck search it delivers results from the database.

With our unique approach to crawling you can find the files shared on uploading sites that the other crawlers miss. Also our search engine collects rich and relevant metadata for each page. As a result, when you search for files (video, music, software, documents etc) with FilesDeck, you can always find high-quality, relevant search results.

If you do not want your site to be indexed by our crawler just add these lines to your robots.txt:
User-agent: RapidFilesBot
Disallow: /
User-agent: FilesDeckBot
Disallow: /

Team - FilesDeck